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Das smarte Büro-Device, das deinen Office-Alltag automatisch strukturiert.

Works with

Google Calendar icon

Google Calendar

Google Tasks icon

Google Tasks

Google notes icon

Google Notes

... and many more to come!

Choose from a variety of layouts

You decide which layout you want to see and when.
Very conveniently using the PaperSync buttons.


Dive into your day - our calendar layout shows you your entire daily schedule at a glance. Never forget appointments again and always keep an overview.

PaperSync device with calendar layout

To Do List

Take your productivity to a new level! With our to-do list layout, you can organize your tasks effortlessly and proudly track your achievements.

PaperSync Device with To Do List Layout


Our notes layout is the perfect place to keep track of your thoughts and ideas.

Stay creative and organized no matter where you are.

PaperSync device with notes layout


Time is running out for your next important event - don't miss it! Our countdown timer layout ensures that you always stay on time and reach your goals.

PaperSync device with countdown timer layout

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